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life is nuts

I'll Be Back

2009-06-18 01:15:09 by thafokalist

Life is crazy but I'll be back on the grind in no time so stay tuned.

Binge Music

2009-05-22 16:15:55 by thafokalist

So I just got client who needs some new beats which means I'm hoping to make at least 15 beats tonight. Yes, its a tall order but I'm motivated by challenge. This also means I might get some "fresher" material up tonight. Its gonna be a good night indeed!!!!

Recycling My Old Stuff 4 Now

2009-05-21 18:06:04 by thafokalist

A lot of what I put up will be more past productions as oppose to new just because most of my newer tracks are for other artists so leaking them would make them kinda mean. However i like newgrounds a lot so I will work on some more current projects and push them out asap. Its a shame I can only put out 2 a day because I got like 5 more in the backburner ready to go. Anyhow, keep your ears open, I'll have two new ones up tomorrow.

Music if finaly UP!!!

2009-05-17 06:26:10 by thafokalist

Now I should be dropping stuff from time to time on here. Got a huge roster of songs I'd like to get out there. Let me know if you want to use my stuff. Could care less how its used as long as I get to see the result after all, that's why the music is here.